We work with a diverse range of Corporate clients to provide them with flexible long-term private debt and equity capital funding solutions. Whether you are a privately-owned, publicly listed or Private-Equity sponsored business or enterprise, we can help you arrange new funding solutions to meet your objectives.

The following are typical funding needs that we raise capital for:

  • General corporate purposes
  • Growth or acquisitions
  • Releasing value without ceding control
  • Refinancing existing or maturing debt or funding facilities
  • Buying out minority shareholders

There are now many varieties of private capital solutions and providers in Europe. We can help you navigate this landscape and unlock liquidity, value or growth potential for your business.

Our services are available to Corporates across most European regions, sectors and industries. We typically focus on potential transactions between 10 – 250mm (EUR equivalent) in all major currencies. Please contact us and we would be very happy to discuss in further detail.

Benefits to clients

  • Deal assurance and certainty of a successful solution
  • Reduced complexity
  • Flexible use of proceeds, structure and terms
  • Improved funding terms
  • Long-term funding
  • Diversification of funding sources
  • Competitive terms and pricing